Borusan Holding

Borusan Holding

The global power of Turkey

The Borusan Group

The Borusan Group, founded in 1944 by the establishment of the first company, had shown a rapid growth in every industry involved. While becoming a global player in the world market with its succeeding companies in steel, distributorship, logistics, and energy industries; The Borusan Group signed numerous assertive projects in every line of business. A powerful corporate culture and strong team-work lies behind the significant success of The Borusan Group which maintains a high customer satisfaction…
“Zero Defects” with Lean Six Sigma
The Borusan Group adopted Lean Six Sigma as a part of our corporate structure in 2002 and implanted it throughout the whole corporation. Questioning and enhancing all business processes including production, distribution and delivering the product to the customers; Lean Six Sigma minimizes the defect rate to zero, increases efficiency, brings all business processes to perfection and constantly increases customer satisfaction.
A corporate university: The Borusan Academy
Founded with the vision of training business leaders, The Borusan Academy applies focused strategies, value consistentcy, and high-quality targeted programs. The programs in  Leadership, Marketing and Lean Six Sigma Faculties consist of certificated training and improvement contents provided by qualified instructors from Turkey and all over the world with the cooperation of Sabancı University.
Strong partnerships
The Borusan Group has its signature under numerous international partnerships with sucessful companies world-wide. The world’s leading steel company ArcelorMittal, the leading industrial corporation in the international market Salzgitter Mannesman, leader of the global technology Eaton, the automotive giant BMW AG, the world’s second largest second-hand vehicle marketing company Manheim, and Germany’s third largest energy company EnBW AG are amongst these companies…
Boundless support for education: The Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation
Starting from 1992, The Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation had investments on education that created value for society. The schools that are built and provided for the Ministry of National Education, several contributions for the schools, and scholarships for the successful students are the primary services carried out by the foundation.

An institution devoted to culture and arts: The Borusan Culture and Arts
The Borusan Culture and Arts (BKS), founded in 1997, continues its musical activities with The Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra, The Borusan Quartet, The Borusan Music House, The Borusan Children’s Choir, and Music Library. ‘Ertuğ & Kocabıyık Publications’, formed under BKS, also provides unique books on Ottoman, Byzantium, Roman and Hellenistic eras as well as world literature…
A sustainable future

The Borusan Group, conducts all business processes with the vision of being conscious of the limited natural resources of our planet. The goal of Borusan is to use the resources with low consumption and create a quality of life without consuming the future. The Borusan Group, applies advanced environmental, health, and security standards in order to minimize the effects created during the business processes…